Can I get a custom badge for both the Iron165 and Gok 7V?

Contact me via discord or email or just order 2 of the same from the in stock colorways.

Where are these made?

Each badge is hand made in DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Texas 

How long will it take to get my stuff?

I am just a one man shop and I work full time so this is just a nights and weekend gig.  I will do my best to get any in stock products out my door in 2 business days.

But let me be clear this is in no way, shape, or form a group buy or pre order.

Can you make badges for X keyboard?

No I only make them for the boards mentioned on the home page.  Feel free to send over a suggestion and I may use you as a beta tester for new products.

How are they secured?

The badges are held in place just like the stock ones with the little tiny screws.  The Gok7V has the screw holes and countersinks in the mold and the Iron165 R2 is tapped with a tap and die.